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About Us
Mission statement: To preserve and strengthen the family by providing them with a break.
What is respite?
Respite is offered for designated periods of time to allow the caregiver to tend to other family obligations or to take a break from the daily stress of care giving. Respite services are voluntary and can occur in the home or in the community depending on the needs of the family.
Benefits of respite:
  • Minimize Out of Home Placement
  • Reduce Stress
  • Support Family Stability
  • Prevent Abuse & Neglect
  • Preserve & Strengthen the Family
  • Exploration of Community Activities
How can a parent or guardian receive this service from us?
  • Your child must be diagnosed with a mental health disorder.
  • You must contact your child’s social worker, Intensive or Supportive case manager, service coordinator, or mental health counselor to inquire if they are able to make a referral for respite services.
  • Once your child has been approved you have the opportunity to choose a vendor.
How can an agency receive this service from us?
URS is committed to providing quality respite in a cost-effective manner. Our services can assist your agency in meeting the respite needs of the families that you provide services for.

If your agency can allocate funds specifically for respite and skill building services, we can assist you. Once a written agreement is developed, we can begin to serve your families.
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